Crocus is a company that invests and co-owns the production of high-quality natural fibers and other cellulose-based products for the main growth markets.

The company specializes in the production of hemp fiber and kenaf fiber for the production of natural organic products for global markets.

In the light of the Paris summit dedicated to one of the major problems of climate change, it is the cultivation of cannabis that becomes a key issue for all humanity.

Technical hemp does not require intensive watering and practically does not need herbicides and pesticides. Among other things, the harvest of hemp in comparison with other agriculturalcrops ripens extremely quickly, while giving raw materials that can be applied in a huge number of areas of management - from high-quality vegetarian protein to biocomposite materials, building materials,textiles and knitwear, zoobusiness, pharmacology as well as medicine.

It was found that the core of the plant kenaf and hemp is one of the most absorbing materials on earth. According to a study by the US Navy in 1999, the core material of the Kenaf plant was recognized as the most absorbing natural material on earth.

Products from it are used to eliminate oil spills and chemicals by many first aid services and car service centers.

The cannabis industry is still largely in its infancy. And this means that she has a lot of opportunities for growth. Given this active growth, investors can make good money on this.

For them, we have identified several ETFs and stocks that may be attractive for investments, and your partner Crocus will help you to make money on this.