What offers the website of the company?

The official site of Crocus provides analytical and consulting services, concerning placement online of investments and also provides to all registered users the personal account for carrying out financial transactions.

How to begin to earn in Crocus?

For a start you need to be registered on our website and to create the account. In above website press the Registration button and undergo the procedure of registration. Further you open deposits on the plans suitable for you. Or you invite new clients according to the referral program.

How to be registered on the website Crocus.us?

Visit the website crocus.us and press the Registration button and fill the registration form offered by the system of the website. If everything was made by you correctly, then, having agreed with our "Rules", you will become the participant of investment process of our company and the personal account will be provided to you.

Whether numerous registration of accounts on the website of the company from one computer is possible?

At this time, crocus.us service does not prohibit registering multiple accounts from one device, but each of your accounts must have individual, different data.

Whether there are restrictions on the number of active plans? And whether I can open deposits on different plans at the same time?

There are no restrictions on the number of open plans. You can open any quantity, different plans for the discretion.

What currencies do you accept?

We accept payments in US dollars (USD).

The maximum daily percentage of what depends?

The daily interest on each deposit plan is formed from the successful, completed transactions of the company, the market situation, the amount of the deposit and the time of the deposit.

Through what payment service providers can I recharge in the company?

For the maximum convenience you can use electronic payment systems: Perfect Money, Bitcoin, Advanced Cash, Payeer, The list payment systems, can change.

How to open a deposit?

Visit the website of the company, become authorized or registered, pass into the personal account, choose the pleasant plan (Group) and further follow simple instructions of system.

How do nachichlseniye on referral system quickly come?

Payment of referral charges, happens from several minutes till 24 o'clock. The regulations on a conclusion of stredstvo constitute 24 hours.

Whether withdrawal of funds on a payment service provider, other than that with which use a deposit was open is possible?

No. Exchange of means of the website isn't provided.

Whether addition of means, to already existing deposit, for transition to the following plan or on purpose profit is possible?

Yes. Such opportunity is provided in Crocus. Moreover, under certain conditions, your profit will be increased not only due to increase in a nominal of investment, but also due to increase in the percent charged on the investment which is again created by you.

Whether matters what nationality or residence, for a regitration on the website of the company?

We the international service to which has a zancheniye, what nationality and residence of our clients.

What to do if data on authorization were lost?

Address to support service (managers) or use function of recovery of the password, the company located on the website.